Chillinji Pass

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Chillinji Pass
Elevation 5,335 m (17,503 ft)
Location Pakistan
Range Hindukush Mountains
Coordinates 36°48′6″N 74°3′40″E / 36.80167°N 74.06111°E / 36.80167; 74.06111Coordinates: 36°48′6″N 74°3′40″E / 36.80167°N 74.06111°E / 36.80167; 74.06111

Chillinji pass (elev. 17,503 feet, also marked as 17,360 ft) is a high mountain pass that connects Karambar river valley (upper Gilgit valley) in Ishkoman tehsil of Ghizer district with Chapursan river valley (upper Hunza valley) in Gojal tehsil of Gilgit district in the Northern Areas in Pakistan. It is also spelled as Chilinji.

The pass is 6 miles to the north of Koz Sar peak. To the west of the pass is river Karambar that is known as Ishkoman river south of Imit, and joins Ghizar river at Gahkuch to become Gilgit river. To the east of the pass is Chapursan river that flows southeast and joins Hunza river at Khudabad at Karakorum Highway. As such, Chillinji pass is the closest natural path between upper Gilgit and Hunza valleys.