Chilliwack/Agassiz-Harrison Transit System

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Chilliwack Transit System
BC Transit 6784 Chilliwack.jpg
Locale Chilliwack, BC
Service type bus service, paratransit
Alliance BC Transit
Routes 10
  • Downtown Exchange
  • Chilliwack Mall
  • Cottonwood Mall
  • Carvolth Exchange
Operator FirstCanada
Chief executive Manuel Achadinha

Chilliwack Transit System operates the public transportation system for the City of Chilliwack in the Upper Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Funding is provided under a partnership between the city and BC Transit, the provincial agency which plans and manages municipal transit systems. handyDART provides door-to-door transportation for people whose disability prevents them from using conventional bus service.

Agassiz-Harrison Transit System, operating on bus route 11, runs from the Chilliwack downtown exchange to Rosedale, Popkum, Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs.[1] Fares on this route are based on a zonal system and passengers can transfer to the Chilliwack Transit System for free while Chilliwack passengers pay the difference in fares when transferring onto the Agassiz-Harrison bus.

Funding for the Chilliwack/Agassiz-Harrison Transit System is cost shared between the District of Kent and BC Transit in partnership with the Fraser Valley Regional District, the Village of Harrison Hot Springs and the City of Chilliwack.[2]


The Chilliwack Transit System is funded by the City of Chilliwack and BC Transit.[3]

No. Name Description
1 Vedder Downtown to Keith Wilson (via Vedder Rd.)
2 Evans Downtown to Chilliwack & Cottonwood Malls
3 Chilliwack Downtown to Fairfield Island Loop
4 Promontory Promontory to Chilliwack & Cottonwood Malls
5 Yarrow Cottonwood Mall to Yarrow Loop (Saturday only)
6 Cultus Lake Promontory to Cultus Lake (Summer only)
7 Broadway Downtown to Cottonwood & Chilliwack Malls
8 Tyson Chilliwack Mall to Tyson Loop
9 Industrial Downtown to Cottonwood Mall
11 Agassiz-Harrison Downtown to Harrison Hot Springs Hotel
22 Agassiz-Hope Agassiz to Hope
66 Fraser Valley Express Downtown to Carvolth Exchange in Langley


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