Chilliwack Mountain

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Chilliwack Mountain
Chilliwack Mountain is located in British Columbia
Chilliwack Mountain
Chilliwack Mountain
Location in British Columbia
Highest point
Elevation 340+ m (1115+ ft)
Coordinates 49°09′18″N 122°01′03″W / 49.15500°N 122.01750°W / 49.15500; -122.01750Coordinates: 49°09′18″N 122°01′03″W / 49.15500°N 122.01750°W / 49.15500; -122.01750
Location British Columbia
Topo map NTS 92G/1

Chilliwack Mountain is a small mountain rising from the floodplain of the Fraser River in the city of Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. Located on the south side of the Fraser opposite the north side community of Deroche, it lies just west of the downtown of Chilliwack and to the east of Greendale, a rural neighbourhood of Chilliwack near its western boundary.

20th Century[edit]

Mostly forested, the mountain has become the site of upscale real estate development which was approved by the City of Chilliwack Council in the Chilliwack Mountain Comprehensive Development Plan of 1996[2] for the development of a suburban community scenario that would lead to a build-out population of 4,500, or 1,700 dwelling units. The report addresses environmentally and geotechnically sensitive areas that need to be treated with due care.