Chilo phragmitella

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Chilo phragmitella
Chilo phragmitella.jpg
Scientific classification
C. phragmitella
Binomial name
Chilo phragmitella
(Hübner, 1805)
  • Tinea phragmitella Hübner, 1805–1810
  • Chilo phragmitellus (lapsus)
  • Chilo phragmitellus f. intermediellus Raebel, 1925
  • Chilo phragmitellus f. nigricellus Raebel, 1925
  • Palparia rhombea Haworth, 1811
  • Topeutis phragmitalis Hübner, 1825

Chilo phragmitella is a species of moth of the family Crambidae. It is found in Europe.

The wingspan is 24–32 mm for the males and 30–40 mm for females. The face with a conical horny projection. The labial palpi longer than head and thorax. Forewings in female much narrower and more acute than in male ; pale ochreous, more or less suffused with brown, especially in male, tending to form dark streaks on and between veins ; a dark fuscous discal dot ; termen sinuate. Hindwings are pale whitish-ochreous or whitish, The larva is ochreous -whitish ; dorsal, subdorsal, and lateral lines reddish -brown ; head and plate of 2 yellowish -brown.[1]

The moth flies from May to September depending on the location.

Fig. 7, 7a larva after final moult moult 7b reed containg one

The larvae feed on Phragmites and Glyceria maxima.


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