Chilton Woods State Forest

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Chilton Woods State Forest is a Virginia state forest located on the Northern Neck in Lancaster County, near the town of Warsaw. The land was turned over to state control in July 2000 by Mrs. Catherine B. Chilton; the Virginia Department of Forestry had aided her and her husband when they took control of the property in 1954. Upon his death in 1973, Mr. Chilton's will left the land to his wife, with the stipulation that she turn it over to the Commonwealth upon her death. Today the land is used for timber harvesting and wildlife management, as well as hiking and birdwatching. It is part of the Rappahannock River watershed, with streams emptying into that river's tributaries, Lancaster Creek and the Corrotoman River. Most of the forest's trees are loblolly pine, with areas of mixed pine and hardwood. The showy orchis and pink Lady's Slippers may be seen there as well.