Chima (clothing)

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Hanbok chima.jpg
Woman wearing a chima: it is tied just above the breasts
Korean name
Revised Romanizationchima

Chima is a type of skirt worn together with jeogori, or a short jacket in hanbok, Korean traditional clothing. It is also referred to as sang () or gun () in hanja in the Korean language.[1][2][3]

Basic forms of ancient chima can be seen in murals of Goguryeo kingdom (37 BC–668 AD), built approximately during the 4th or 6th century. Women in the upper class wore a long chima which falls down to the floor while women in the lower class wore a shorter chima which length reaches to the calf of the leg. In addition, Goguryeo women also wore saekdong chima that is a colorfully striped skirt by patchworking, and a chima in form of gored skirt, made by sewing several pieces of fabric without gathering.[3]

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