Chimehuin River

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Chimehuin River
Physical characteristics
Main sourceLake Huechulafquen
River mouth900 m (3,000 ft)
Length53 km (33 mi)

The Chimehuin River is a river in the northwest of the Patagonic Province of Neuquén, Argentina. Its origin is at Lake Huechulafquen and it passes by the city of Junín de los Andes. After a course of about 53 km, it merges with the Aluminé River to form the Collón Curá River.[1]

The Chimehuin is considered a prime spot for fly fishing. It is known for its two introduced species of Salmonidae, the brown trout and the rainbow trout.[2]

The area around first part of the river's course (from the lake up to a few kilometers before Junín de los Andes) is a protected nature reserve (Área Natural Protegida Boca del Chimehuin).[3]


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Coordinates: 39°47′40″S 71°12′31″W / 39.79444°S 71.20861°W / -39.79444; -71.20861