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Chimera is a comical short story written by Korean author Lee Yeongdo, based on the world of the novel Dragon Raja written by the same author. It is one of the three short stories known as Sceneries of Laboratory. The story humors on male arrogance and characteristics, through a being called Chimera. The king of Caria, Amisodarus, raised the Chimera to terrorize the surrounding region. Chimaera main activity was to spit flames and devours all living.

The Chimera made great havoc in Lycia, so that the king, Iobates, sought for some hero to destroy it. At that time there arrived at his court a gallant young warrior, whose name was Bellerophon. He brought letters from Proetus, the son-in-law of Iobates, recommending Bellerophon in the warmest terms as an unconquerable hero, but added at the close a request to his father-in-law to put him to death. The reason was that Proetus was jealous of him, suspecting that his wife Antea looked with too much admiration on the young warrior.

Iobates, on perusing the letters, was puzzled what to do, not willing to violate the claims of hospitality, yet wishing to oblige his son-in-law. A lucky thought occurred to him, to send Bellerophon to combat with the Chimaera.

Bellerophon accepted the proposal, but before proceeding to the combat consulted the soothsayer Polyidus, who advised him to procure if possible the horse Pegasus for the conflict. For this purpose he directed him to pass the night in the temple of Minerva. He did so, and as he slept Minerva came to him and gave him a golden bridle. When he awoke the bridle remained in his hand. Minerva also showed him Pegasus drinking at the well of Pirene, and at sight of the bridle the winged steed came willingly and suffered him to be taken.

Bellerophon mounted him, rose with him into the air, soon found the Chimaera, and killed it with a lump of lead on a spear that he threw into the Chimera's stomach.


Handrake – An Archmage, somewhat peculiar yet nevertheless powerful and respected.
Soloture – Handrake's apprentice, the main character of the story. The story told in the view of Soloture, in first-person narrative style.
Princess Herthruyne – The princess of the Kingdom. In this novel she is described as a little girl but with very high intelligence, often referred as a genius.
Chimaera – An accidental creation by Handrake, made out of rubbish such as broken broomsticks, old vase and rotten Mandragora.