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Tumen (Chimgi-Tura) on Sigismund von Herberstein's map, published in 1549

Chimgi-Tura or Chingi-Tura (Russian: Чинги́-Тура́) was a medieval city of the Siberian Tatars in 12th-16th centuries located in Western Siberia.

It was a capital of the Tyumen Khanate until the early 16th century, when its ruler Khan Muhammad conquered Sibir and created the Khanate of Sibir encompassing all of western Siberia with its capital in Sibir.

After the Cossack ataman Yermak from Muscovy conquered the Siberian Khanate in the 1580s, the city of Chimgi-Tura was abandoned or burned. In 1586 the Russian fort Tyumen was built nearby. Modern Tyumen, one of the centres of the Russian oil industry, covers the site where Chimgi-Tura used to stand.