Chimmony Dam

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Chimmini Dam ചിമ്മിനി അണക്കെട്ട്
Chimmini dam front view.jpg
Front view of Chimmony Dam
Official name Chimmini Dam
Location Thrissur District, Kerala
Coordinates 10°26′21″N 76°27′37″E / 10.4391°N 76.4604°E / 10.4391; 76.4604Coordinates: 10°26′21″N 76°27′37″E / 10.4391°N 76.4604°E / 10.4391; 76.4604
Opening date 1996
Operator(s) Government of Kerala
Creates Chimmony River

Chimmony Dam (മലയാളം: ചിമ്മിനി അണക്കെട്ട്) is situated in Echippara in Mukundapuram taluk of Thrissur District of Kerala state of India. The dam was completed in 1996. It is constructed across Chimoni river, a tributary of Karuvannur river.[1]Chimmony is the largest dam of Thrissur district


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