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Chimo may refer to:

  • Chimo (greeting), a greeting from the Inuktitut language of northern Canada, also used in some parts of Southern Ontario and Western Canada
  • Chimo, the nickname, cheer and mascot of the Canadian Military Engineers
  • the 223 Royal Canadian Sea Cadets Corps CHIMO, founded in 1970 at Longueuil, Quebec (renamed 223 RCSCC LONGUEUIL in the mid 1980s)
  • Chimo, an active softball league in Brossard, Quebec
  • Chimo (killer whale), the only white killer whale displayed in captivity, at Sealand of the Pacific from 1970–72
  • Chimo!, 1960s Canadian rock band
  • Chimo Bayo, 1990s Spanish dance act
  • Chimo, a very strong tobacco paste taken orally, principally in Venezuela and adjacent countries
  • Chimo (pseudonym), author of Lila Says (novel), and its protagonist
  • Chimo, a march played during Moros y Cristianos parades in Spain
  • Chimo, a Canadian brand of bicycle manufactured in Canada by Interex Industries