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Chin Music Press
Chin Music Press, Seattle.jpg
Chin Music Press' store in the Pike Place Market.
FoundersBruce Rutledge and Yuko Enomoto
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationSeattle, Washington
DistributionConsortium Book Sales & Distribution[1]
Publication typesBooks

Chin Music Press is a book publishing company known for its high-quality editions.[2]


The Press was founded in Tokyo in 2002 by Bruce Rutledge and Yuko Enomoto.[3][4]They began by publishing books on contemporary Japan, but have expanded to include books on New Orleans, China, and Korea.[5]

After being located in Japan for many years, in 2014 the company opened a store located in Seattle’s Pike Place Market.[6][7][8]

Inside the Chin Music Press location at the Pike Place market in Seattle.

Notable publications[edit]

  • Yurei: The Japanese Ghost, by Zack Davisson[9][10][11]
  • The Sun Gods, by Jay Rubins[12]
  • Shiro: Wit, Wisdom & Recipes from a Sushi Pioneer, by Shiro Kashiba[13]
  • Are You an Echo? The Lost Poetry of Misuzu Kaneko.[14][15]


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