Chin Pao San

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Chin Pao San
Chin-Pao Mountain Cemetery hill.jpg
Location Jinshan, New Taipei, Taiwan
Type Cemetery

Chin Pao San (also Jinbaoshan, Jiongbaoshan Chinese: 金寶山; pinyin: Jīnbǎo Shān; literally: "Golden Treasure Mountain") is a private cemetery located on a mountainside in Jinshan District, New Taipei, Taiwan. The site overlooks the Ju Ming Museum and, beyond it, the East China Sea.

Urns at Jinbaoshan are placed both indoors and outdoors. The site is accessible to visitors in wheelchairs.

Chin Pao San is famous for its abundant art. The grounds and interiors feature original works by a number of artists, including Ju Ming, the Taiwanese sculptor whose work represents the core of the collection at the adjacent museum. Sculpture at the site is modern in style and often symbolist in character. Many works are not overtly religious; of those that are, Buddhist and Taoist images are most numerous, though all major religions find representation at the site and one main building gives a prominent place to Christianity. [1]

The most frequently visited gravesite belongs to Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng. Her memorial garden features a life-size statue and a large electronic keyboard set in the ground that can be played by visitors who walk on its keys. [2]

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Coordinates: 25°15′04″N 121°36′14″E / 25.251°N 121.604°E / 25.251; 121.604