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People's Republic of China–Lithuania relations
Map indicating locations of People's Republic of China and Lithuania


Republic of China–Lithuania relations

Republic of China


Sino–Lithuanian relations (Lithuanian: Lietuvos-Kinijos santykiai) are the bilateral foreign relations between the Two Chinas and Lithuania. PR China has an embassy in Vilnius. Lithuania has an embassy in Beijing.

Sino-Lithuanian relations dates back to 1921 when the Republic of China recognized Lithuania until its occupation and subsequent annexation by the Soviet Union in 1940. Modern diplomatic relations between 2 countries were established on 14 September 1991. Both the PRC and ROC did not recognize the incorporation of Lithuania into the Soviet Union.

In 1992, Embassy of China was established in Vilnius, in 1995, Embassy of Lithuania was established in Beijing.

Notable ambassadors[edit]

  • Chen Di (1992–1993)

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