China–Yemen relations

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China–Yemen relations
Map indicating locations of China and Yemen



China–Yemen relations refer to the bilateral relations of the People's Republic of China and Yemen. The two countries signed a treaty of friendship in 1958, with an agreement to cooperate in commercial, technical and cultural development. In the 1958 agreement, China issued Yemen an interest-free loan of 70 million Swiss francs with which Yemen could purchase supplies from China. At the same time, the city of Beijing provided an interest-free loan of $16.3 million to help fund development projects in Yemen.[1] Another treaty of friendship was signed on June 9, 1964, along with additional agreements of cooperation in economic, technical and cultural development. China provided support in building factories and roads, and Beijing provided Yemen another interest-free loan, in the amount of $500,000.[2]


During the Ming dynasty in the Yongle Emperor's reign, Admiral Zheng He's Treasure voyages reached Aden in Yemen.

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