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Chinese-Greek relations
Map indicating locations of China and Greece



Chinese-Greek relations are the relations between People's Republic of China and Greece. China has an embassy in Athens. Greece has an embassy in Beijing and 3 general consulates in Guangzhou, Hong-Kong and since 2005 in Shanghai.

History of bilateral relations[edit]

Zhou Enlai gave Luo Niansheng the order to write the first ancient Greek-Chinese dictionary. Luo Nian Sheng translated since the 1950s also all mayor classic Greek works into Chinese.

Both countries established diplomatic relations on June 6, 1972. The late Prime Minister of Greece Konstantinos Karamanlis visited China in 1979 and was received by China’s leader at that time Hua Guofeng. Konstantinos Karamanlis was the first visiting head of Greek government.

Bilateral visits[edit]

Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas during the attendance of a dinner hosted by the Chinese Ambassador to Greece Linquan Luo at his residence in January 2011
An exposition with Greek thematic in Shanghai

Bilateral treaties[edit]

Embassy of Greece in China
  • Agreement on cooperation between police forces (Beijing, February 15, 1995).
  • Cooperation Agreement on combating terrorism and drugs (Beijing, February 15, 1995).
  • Maritime agreement (October 16, 1995).
  • Memorandum of cooperation on management of marine resources and mutual scientific and technical cooperation (Athens, October 16, 1995).
  • Protocol on scientific and technological cooperation (Beijing, November 14, 1995).
  • Programme of cultural exchanges for the period 1999 2002 (Beijing, September 9, 1999). Extended for a further three years in March 2003.
  • Protocol on consultations between the foreign ministries of Greece and China (Beijing, February 29, 2000).
  • Protocol of the 8th session of the joint committee on scientific and technological cooperation (Beijing, October 16, 2000).
  • Agreement on the Cooperation of Forestry between the State Forestry Administration of the PRC and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Hellenic Republicin (2002).


In October 2009 Cosco leased for 30 years part of the Port of Piraeus, the cargo level two years later was three times higher than before.[2]

In 2010 a $123 million contract between Helios Plaza and BCEGI, the Chinese real estate company. Helios is developing a hotel and commercial complex for tourism in Piraeus, Athen's largest port town. Huawei Technologies, a Chinese telecom invested with Hellenic Telecommunications Organization.[1]

In March 2015 Deputy Greek Prime Minister Yannis Dragasakis and Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Kotzias paid an official visit to China on 25 March 2015. Within this context, Minister Kotzias met with the Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China, Wang Yi.<>

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