China: The Panda Adventure

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China: The Panda Adventure
China The Panda Adventure.jpg
Directed by Robert M. Young
Starring Maria Bello
Music by Randy Edelman
Release date
June 9, 2001
Running time
48 mins.
Country United States
Language English

China: The Panda Adventure is a 2001 film directed by Robert M. Young. It stars Maria Bello and Yu Xia.[1] Set in 1936 China, Ruth Harkness has come to settle the affairs of her husband, Bill, who died while observing the rare and unstudied panda bear. His journal describes the panda as shy and docile, while great white hunter Dak Johnson describes them as ferocious beasts. This intrigues her, and she sets off to retrace Bill's steps and save the pandas from Johnson. She encounters many obstacles, both natural and created by Johnson.



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