China Beach, San Francisco

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China Beach
Seacliff District SF.jpg
China Beach is seen in the foreground with the sea wall.
China Beach, San Francisco is located in San Francisco County
China Beach, San Francisco
Location San Francisco, California, United States
Coordinates 37°47′16″N 122°29′35″W / 37.7878821°N 122.4931363°W / 37.7878821; -122.4931363Coordinates: 37°47′16″N 122°29′35″W / 37.7878821°N 122.4931363°W / 37.7878821; -122.4931363[1]
Operated by Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
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China Beach is a small cove in San Francisco's Sea Cliff neighborhood. It lies between Baker Beach and Lands End and is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It was previously known as James D. Phelan State Beach Park and is one of the cleanest in the state. The China Beach Cove was surrounded by walls that were once a camp for Chinese Fishermen. This is where China Beach got its name. Swimming is not safe at China Beach because of many possible dangers and the lack of lifeguards in the area. At low tides, there are there are tide pools to discover. China Beach offers a stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge

A marker on the trailhead leading down to the beach states:


Since gold rush times, this cove was used as a campsite by many of the Chinese fishermen who worked in and around San Francisco Bay. Their efforts to supply the needs of a young city helped establish one of the area's most important industries and traditions. Gift of Henry & Diana Chung Family 1981."


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