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The China Christian Independent Church or the CCIC (Chinese: 中國耶穌教自立會; pinyin: Zhongguo Yesujiao Zilihui) was an independent Chinese Christian organization established by Yu Guozhen in Shanghai in the early-20th century.


The CCIC was established in 1906 as a Chinese organization upholding the three-self principles of self-governance, self-support, and self-propagation. In 1910, it established its own periodical The Chinese Christian (Chinese: 中國基督徒報; pinyin: Zhongguo Jidutubao), which was later renamed The Sacred News (Chinese: 聖報; pinyin: Shengbao).[1]

By 1924, it had 330 branch churches and over 20,000 Chinese Christian members.[2] Many of its branches were former churches established by Presbyterian or Congregationalist missionaries, but wanting to be independent from foreign control.[1]


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