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Retro chic modern Chinese art at the 14th floor, China Club
Main dining room, 13th floor, China Club

The China Club (Chinese: 中國會) is a retro-chic, Shanghai-style club and restaurant in Hong Kong. It is related to the China Clubs in Singapore and Beijing but is not related to the clubs of the same name in New York City and Berlin, Germany.

The China Club opened on 8 September 1991 on the top three floors (13th/14th/15th) of the old Bank of China Building in Central, Hong Kong. The restaurant serves traditional Hong Kong Chinese food. The traditional Chinese breakfast of congee, crullers (you tiao 油條), and dim sum similar to those found in street stalls is served. Home-style and haute cuisine as well as western influenced Asian food like that of Tai Ping Koon are offered at lunches and dinners.

The decor is in the style of the traditional Chinese tea-house. The floors, lighting and fans are reminiscent of 1930's Shanghai.

The 13th floor is the main dining room. The 14th floor houses private rooms and the Long March Bar. The 15th floor houses private rooms in which cards and mah-jong can be played. It also houses a library of several thousand books on China and Chinese culture.

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