China Dinosaurs Park

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China Dinosaurs Park
China dinosaur park for nnu.jpg
LocationChangzhou, Jiangsu, China
Coordinates31°49′34.2″N 119°59′51.4″E / 31.826167°N 119.997611°E / 31.826167; 119.997611Coordinates: 31°49′34.2″N 119°59′51.4″E / 31.826167°N 119.997611°E / 31.826167; 119.997611
OpenedSeptember 2000 (2000-09)
Area600 mu (0.27 km2)
Roller coasters2
WebsiteOfficial website

China Dinosaurs Park (Chinese: 中华恐龙园), also called China Dinosaurs Land is a theme park located in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China. It has been open since September 2000.[1] The park covers more than 600 mu (0.27 km2). As it is a theme park about dinosaurs, it is also called the "Eastern Jurassic Park". The museum contains a nearly complete fossil skeleton of the important dinosaur genus Sinosauropteryx (similar to Archaeopteryx) as well as large fossils such as those of a Brachiosaurus and a Hadrosaurus.

Changzhou Travel and Tourism Administration regards China Dinosaur Park as the most amusing base for science education.[citation needed] The park focuses on creating a harmonious ecological environment. There are 70 different kinds of trees and more than 4,000 plants in the park. The afforested areas comprise 70 percent of the total area. There are nearly twenty kinds of amusements for tourists to enjoy themselves.

The symbolic building in the park is the museum of dinosaurs. The museum covers about 20,000 square meters, and contains more than ten halls, including "Evolution Hall" and "Woods Hall". The first floor of the museum is taken up by the skeleton of a dinosaur. You can also see many kinds of fossils of dinosaurs in the museum. In addition, there are a lot of amusing high-fidelity game facilities. All the games are related to dinosaurs, such as "Pterodactyl's movement" and "Hot dance of the dinosaur car". Another attractive place in the park is the hot spring pool. Every year there is a big festival in the park called International Lantern Festival. During this festival, there are many fireworks and beautiful lanterns in the park.[2] If there is any festival approaching, Changzhou China Dinosaur Park will also present a big parade in which many people dressed in cartoon costumes dance and sing together. The parade sometimes shows classic scenes from cartoon films or computer games, such as 'Baby Dinosaur'.[3]


Roller coasters[edit]

Name Type Manufacturer Year opened Image
Dinoconda 4th dimension roller coaster S&S Worldwide 2012
Dinosaur Mountain Motorbike roller coaster Zamperla 2010
Whirling Dinosaur Car Spinning Wild Mouse roller coaster Golden Horse Whirling Dinosaur Car China Dinosaurs Park.jpg

Aquatic attractions[edit]

Name Type Manufacturer Year opened
Crossing Jurassic Log flume dark ride
Mega Tsunami Shoot the Chute Intamin 2011

Other attractions[edit]

Name Type Manufacturer Year opened Image
Unknown name Energy Storm Zamperla
4D Effect Theater 4D film 2010
5D Interative Theater Desperados Alterface
Bump Car Bumper cars Zamperla 2014
Coaster Brontosaurus Disk'O Zamperla 2006
Fantastic Spooky House Haunted house 2010
Fire and Water Power Top Spin Zamperla 2010
Fire Dragon Revelry Frisbee Zamperla 2006 Fire Dragon Revelry China Dinosaurs Park.jpg
Fly Chaser Giant Sky Chaser Zamperla 2010
Holy Dragon Pagoda Tower Heege [fr] 2010
Jet Tower Drop tower S&S Worldwide 2010
King Kong King Kong [de] Huss Rides 2010
PaniClock Kamikaze (ride) Intamin PaniClock China Dinosaurs Park.jpg
Punk Fly Wheel Ferris wheel Zamperla 2014
Samba Balloons Balloon Race Zamperla
Super Swing Swing ride



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