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China Dolls
OriginBangkok, Thailand
GenresPop, dance
Occupation(s)Singers, actresses, dancers
Years active1999–2005, 2008–present
LabelsGMM Grammy (1999–2005)
Warner Music Taiwan (2008–present)
Associated actsChina Guan
MembersPailin "Hwa Hwa" Rattanasangsatian
Supachaya "Bell" Lattisophonkul
China Dolls
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Thai name
RTGSchai na don

China Dolls (Thai: ไชน่าดอลส์; Chinese: 中国娃娃; Chinese: 中國娃娃) are a famous pop music singing duo from Thailand. The group was composed of Pailin "Hwa Hwa" Rattanasangsatian and Supachaya "Bell" Lattisophonkul.


The duo has released several albums since their formation in 1999 and performed at the Asia 2000 Music Festival. The China Dolls are known for their song "Muay nee kah" (Thai: หมวยนี่ค่ะ, I Am a China Girl), which was later translated to Mandarin as "单眼皮女生" (pinyin: dānyǎnpí nǚshēng, Girls with Single Eyelids). They perform songs in both Thai language and Mandarin, which sometimes confuses Thai fans, but this has made the group popular in Taiwan as well as with Mandarin-speaking fans in Malaysia, Singapore and China. After a few years without a new CD under China Dolls name. Hwa Hwa has looked for a new partner since Bell has been working with her Dance School.[1] Hwa Hwa and new partner Dan Chun are working to release a new album under a Warner Music Taiwan label in 2010.

In 2009 Dan Chun and Hwa Hwa were both making progress to make their first album. While the former member Bell was working under GMM Grammy under the Special Project named Brazia.

As of 2013, Bell and Hwa Hwa have rejoined together as China Dolls in order to attend the [2] under their Thai Label, GMM Grammy.

Personal life[edit]

On February 23, 2013, Bell was happily wed to her husband. Her co-stars from Ratree-Brazia attended the wedding along with Hwa Hwa as bridesmaids.


Hwa Hwa[edit]

  • Birth Name: Pailin Rattanasangsatian (Thai: ไพลิน รัตนแสงเสถียร)
  • Chinese Name: Chinese: 陈冠桦; pinyin: Chén Guānhuà; Chinese: 陳冠樺
  • Birth Date: (1979-06-12)June 12, 1979
  • Languages: Thai, Chinese, English


  • Birth Name: Supachaya Lattisophonkul (Thai: สุภัชญา ลัทธิโสภณกุล)
  • Chinese Name: Chinese: 李小燕; pinyin: Lǐ Xiǎoyàn; Chinese: 李曉燕
  • Birth Date: (1981-04-17)April 17, 1981
  • Languages: Thai, Chinese, English


Studio albums[edit]

Thai studio albums[edit]

Information Track listing
หมวยนี่คะ (Muay Nee Kah) [I Am Chinese Girl]
  • Format: CD
  • Released: July 15, 1999
  • Label: GMM Grammy
  1. "หมวยนี่คะ (Muay Nee Kah) [I Am Chinese Girl]"
  2. "ตี๋ไม่เกี่ยว (Tee Mai Gure) [You're Not Chinese Boy]"
  3. "หว่อ อ้าย หนี่ (Wau Ai Nee) [I Love You]"
  4. "อย่านะ (Yah Na) [Don't]"
  5. "Happy Little Eye"
  6. "ล้อเล่น (Lau Len) [Joke]"
  7. "Decibel"
  8. "คิดถึง (Kid Teung) [Miss You]"
  9. "Thaina Dance"
  10. "You Wanna Dance"
  11. "ใครคนหนึ่ง (Krai Kon Neung) [Someone]"
  12. "หมวยตุ่ย (Muay Tui) [Chubby Chinese Girls] (V. Encore Mix)"
China More
  • Format: CD, VCD
  • Released: December 15, 2000
  • Label: GMM Grammy
  1. "โอ๊ะ โอ๊ะ โอ๊ะ (Oh Oh Oh)"
  2. "H.N.Y."
  3. "คนหน้า ม. (Kon Nah More) [Next Person]"
  4. "มากไป ป่าว? (Mark Pai Pow?) [Claim Too Much?]"
  5. "ไม่สำคัญ (Mai Sum Kun) [Not Important]"
  6. "ตี๋ไม่อยู่ (Tee Mai Yoo) [Absent Chinese Boy]"
  7. "และ...คิดถึง (Lae...Kid Teung) [And...Miss You]"
  8. "น้อย น้อย หน่อย (Noy Noy Noy) [A Little Bit]"
  9. "เพลงหมาหมา (Pleng Mah Mah) [The Dog Song]"
  10. "หนี่ ไท้ เสี่ยว (Nee Tai Seeow) [You're Small]"
  11. "โอ๊ะ โอ๊ะ ตึ๊บ (Oh Oh Tub)"
  12. "มันส์หน้า ม. (Mun Nah More) [Next Enjoy]"
ติ้งหน่อง (Ting Nong)
  • Format: CD, VCD
  • Released: August 21, 2001
  • Label: GMM Grammy
  1. "Intro"
  2. "ติ้งหน่อง (Ting Nong)
  3. "ชักดิ้น ชักงอ (Chuk Din Chuk Ngau) [Wriggle & Bend]
  4. "เป็นคนไทย (Pen Kon Tai) [Be Like Thai]
  5. "ไม่ซึ้ง (Mai Seung) [No Impression]
  6. "ต้มยำ (Tom Yum)
  7. "So Sad"
  8. "คู่กัด (Koo Kud) [Rival]
  9. "ซอย 4 (Soy 4) [Road 4]
  10. "ฝากเลี้ยง (Fark Leang) [Foster Care]
  11. "That's the Way (I Like It)"
  12. "ตึ๊งหนึบ (Thai Kou)"
China แดง (China Daeng) [China Red]
  • Format: CD
  • Released: August 6, 2002
  • Label: GMM Grammy
  1. Wa-O-Wa
  2. ตี๋ช้ง (Tee Sung) [Chinese Boy]
  3. นางฟ้าหน้าหมวย (Naang Far Nah Muay) [Become Chinese Woman]
  4. กระดึ๊บ กระดึ๊บ (Gra Deub Gra Deub) [Creepy Creepy]
  5. Dui bu gi Miss Call
  6. เช็ค DNA (Check DNA)
  7. เธอมาช้า (Tur Ma Cha) [You're Late]
  8. หมวยนะไม่ได้โจ๋ (Muay Na Mai Dai Joh) [Chinese Girls Aren't Teens Anymore]
  9. ยิ้มมายิ้มไป (Yim Ma Yim Pai) [Smile Or Not]
  10. ซื่อ-ปู้-OK (Seueh-Poo-OK) [Yes No OK]
  • Format: CD, VCD
  • Released: April 23, 2004
  • Label: GMM Grammy
  1. "เฮ้ย...มันดี (Hureh...Mun Dee) [Hey... It's Good]"
  2. "เขาไม่รัก (Kow Mai Ruk) [He Doesn't Love]"
  3. "รักสะกิดใจ (Ruk Sa Kid Jai) [Be Careful Of Love]"
  4. "ไม่ได้ลืมหรอกนะ (Mai Dai Leum Rok Na) [Can't Forget You]"
  5. "วันอาทิตย์ (Wun Ah Tit) [Sunday] - featuring 'Pex' Zeal"
  6. "หูดำ (Hoo Dum) [Black Ear]- featuring B-King"
  7. "ผู้หญิงคนนั้น...ทีฉันไม่เคยได้เป็น (Poo Ying Kon Nun...Tee Chun Mai Koey Dai Pen) [That Woman... Can't Go Back]"
  8. "จืด (Jued) [Bland]"
  9. "แล้วจะบอก (Leaw Ja Bauk) [I'll Tell You Then]"
  10. "เพ้อ (Pur) [Crazily]"
  11. "Outro"

Chinese studio album[edit]

Information Track listing
  • Format: CD
  • Released: March 2000
  • Label: GMM Grammy
  1. "單眼皮女生" (หมวยนี่ค่ะ [Chinese ver.])
  2. "蚊子愛情進行曲" (ตี๋ไม่เกี่ยว [Chinese ver.])
  3. "我愛你" [Chinese ver.]
  4. "雅麗的男朋友" (อย่านะ [Chinese ver.])
  5. "求愛響尾蛇" (Decibel [Chinese ver.])
  6. "哥哥妹妹採茶歌" (ล้อเล่น [Chinese ver.])
  7. "啊!Happy Little Eye" [Chinese ver.]
  8. "大姐大" (คิดถึงบ้างนะ [Chinese ver.])
  9. "Party女王" (Thaina Dance [Chinese ver.])
  10. "我演的是我" (ใครคนหนึ่ง [Chinese ver.])
  • Format: CD
  • Released: January 2001
  • Label: GMM Grammy
  1. "發財發福中國年" (H.N.Y. [Chinese ver.])
  2. "我不想想你" (Oh! Oh! Oh! [Chinese ver.])
  3. "狗臉 (คนหน้า ม.)"
  4. "弟弟不在(泰語版) (ตี๋ไม่อยู่)"
  5. "少來了 (น้อย น้อย หน่อย [Chinese ver.])"
  6. "狗歌 (เพลงหมาหมา)"
  7. "Oh! Oh! Oh!"
  8. "新年快樂 (H.N.Y.)"
  9. "你太小 (หนี่ ไท้ เสี่ยว)"
  10. "泰國人 (มันส์หน้า ม.)"
  11. "Oh! Oh! Oh! (Remix) (โอ๊ะ โอ๊ะ ตึ๊บ)"
  12. "雅麗的男朋友 (Remix)" (อย่านะ (Remix)[Chinese ver.])
  • Format: CD
  • Released: March 2001
  • Label: GMM Grammy
  1. "不要你的禮物" (ไม่สำคัญ [Chinese ver.])
  2. "我沒有那麼笨" (มากไป ป่าว? [Chinese ver.])
  3. "弟弟不在" (ตี๋ไม่อยู่ [Chinese ver.])
  4. "我愛太空人" (และ...คิดถึง [Chinese ver.])
  5. "路邊的野花不要採" (Teresa Teng cover)

Original Chinese Songs:

  1. "害羞的男孩"
  2. "良心與現金"
  3. "外星情話"
  4. "叫你不要你就要"
  5. "我該怎麼辦"
環遊世界Ding Ding Dong
  • Format: CD
  • Released: October 12, 2001
  • Label: GMM/8866 (Taiwan), GMM/Avex Asia (Hong Kong)
  1. "Boom" [Chinese ver. feat. Dragon 5]
  2. "環遊世界Ding Ding Dong" (ติ้งหน่อง [Chinese ver.])
  3. "酸辣湯" (ต้มยำ [Chinese ver.])
  4. "受不了" (So Sad [Chinese ver.])
  5. "遲到" (Liu Wen-cheng cover)
  6. "少來了" (น้อย น้อย หน่อย [Chinese ver.])
  7. "忠孝東路" (ซอย 4 [Chinese ver.])
  8. "Weed Boom" [Boom Remix Chinese ver.]
  9. "暗戀我" (เป็นคนไทย [Chinese ver.])
  10. "亂七八糟" (ชักดิ้น ชักงอ [Chinese ver.])
  11. "寄養 (ฝากเลี้ยง)" (J Jetrin cover)
  12. "晚安" (ไม่ซึ้ง [Chinese ver.])
  • Format: CD
  • Released: January 2002
  • Label: GMM/8866 (Taiwan), GMM/Avex Asia (Hong Kong)
  1. "加多一點點" (Yun Liu cover)
  2. "家家有本難唸的經" (Poon Sow Keng cover)
  3. "西子姑娘" (Zhou Xuan cover)
  4. "La La La"
  5. "Happy Party"
  6. "女兒國" (Poon Sow Keng cover)
  7. "海神 (จ้าวสมุทร)"
  8. "Genie Jah" (2002 Rahtree)
  9. "Do Re Mi" (2002 Rahtree)
  10. "天涯歌女" (Zhou Xuan cover)
  11. "12 Festive Chinese New Year Songs Non-stop Medley"
  • Format: CD
  • Released: September 28, 2010
  • Label: Warner Music Taiwan
  1. "亮晶晶"
  2. "你是我的大明星"
  3. "Happy Day"
  4. "愛誠則靈"
  5. "愛降落"
  6. "食在東方"
  7. "寶貝對不起"
  8. "想愛你"
  9. "喔喔"
  10. "小媳婦回娘家"

Extended plays[edit]

Information Track listing
  • Format: CD
  • Released: February 4, 2010[3]
  • Label: Warner Music Taiwan[4]
  1. "愛降落"
  2. "回娘家"
  3. "Oh! Oh!"

Compilation albums[edit]

Information Track listing
  • Format: CD
  • Released: August 9, 2002
  • Label: GMM/8866 (Taiwan), GMM/Avex Asia (Hong Kong)
  1. "萬歲萬歲萬萬歲"
  2. "蜘蛛人陷入情網"
  3. "單眼皮女生" (หมวยนี่ค่ะ [Chinese ver.])
  4. "酸辣湯" (ต้มยำ [Chinese ver.])
  5. "我不想想你" (Oh! Oh! Oh! [Chinese ver.])
  6. "我是蛋"
  7. "環遊世界Ding Ding Dong" (ติ้งหน่อง [Chinese ver.])
  8. "不要你的禮物" (ไม่สำคัญ [Chinese ver.])
  9. "Boom" [Chinese ver. feat. Dragon 5]
  10. "蚊子進行曲" (ตี๋ไม่เกี่ยว [Chinese ver.])
  11. "路邊野花不要採"
  12. "我沒有那麼笨"
  13. "哥哥妹妹採茶歌" (ล้อเล่น [Chinese ver.])
  14. "多加一點點" (Yun Liu cover)
  15. "家家有本難唸的經" (Poon Sow Keng cover)
  16. "我愛你" [Chinese ver.]

Non-stop Dance Remix

  1. "Boom (Remix)"
  2. "環遊世界Ding Ding Dong (Remix)"
  3. "單眼皮女生 (Remix)"
  4. "我不想想你 (Remix)"
  5. "哥哥妹妹採茶歌 (Remix)"
  6. "不要你的禮物 (Remix)"
  7. "少來了 (Remix)"
  8. "我沒有那麼笨 (Remix)"
  9. "蚊子進行曲 (Remix)"
  10. "酸辣湯 (Remix)"

Remix albums[edit]

Information Track listing
  • Format: CD
  • Released: May 2000
  • Label: GMM Grammy
  1. "丹鳳眼 (單眼皮女生泰語版Remix)"
  2. "哥哥妹妹採茶歌 (國語版Remix)"
  3. "Silly Boy (單眼皮女生英語版Remix)"
  4. "我愛你 (泰語版Remix)"
  5. "賭臭我的愛(單眼皮女生台語版Remix)"
China Dance
  • Format: CD
  • Released: August 24, 2004
  • Label: GMM Grammy
  1. "หมวยนี่คะ (Muay Nee Ka)"
  2. "ล้อเล่น (Lor Len)"
  3. "ตี๋ไม่เกี่ยว (Tee mai kiew)"
  4. "โอ๊ะ โอ๊ะ โอ๊ะ (Oh Oh Oh)"
  5. "คนหน้า ม. (Khon Nah Mor)"
  6. "H.N.Y."
  7. "หนี่ ไท้ เสี่ยว (Nee Tai Siew)"
  8. "ติ้งหน่อง (Ting Nong)"
  9. "เป็นคนไทย (Pen Khon Thai)"
  10. "Wa-O-Wa"
  11. "ตี๋ซัง (Tee Chung)"
  12. "เขาไม่รัก (Kao Mai Ruk)
  13. "ผู้หญิงคนนั้น...ที่ฉันไม่เคยได้ฝัน (Poo Ying Khon Nun...Tee Chun Mai Kei Dai Fhun)
  14. "เขาไม่รัก (Kao mai ruk) (Hip Hop Mix) (Bonus track)"

Special projects[edit]

  • China Guan (January 2000)
  • Jul 2001: Cheer
  • Dec 2001: 2002 Ratree
  • Cover Girls (June 2003)
  • Jun 2005: 2005 Tiwa Hula Hula
  • Jul 2005: 10th Anniversary of Grammy Gold
  • Nov 2006: 2007 Show Girls
  • Dec 2009: Brazia: Brazia (Jenny, Bell China Dolls, YaYa Ying). Didn't feature Hwa Hwa


  • Nominee "The Best Group Singer" of Golden Melody Award 12th, Taiwan (May 2001)
  • Winning Award of "Top Ten Golden Melody (Dan yan pi nü sheng)" of Singapore Golden Melody Award (2001)
  • Winning Award of "Top Ten Hits (Dan yan pi nü sheng)" of Chinese Music Award, Genting, Malaysia (2001.Nov)
  • Winning Award of "Top Ten Hits (Bu yao ni de li wu)" of Chinese Music Award at Genting, Malaysia (2001.Nov)
  • Winning Bronze Award of "The Best Group Singer" Golden Melody Award 1st, Malaysia (November 2001)
  • Winning "The Best Group Singer", Vietnam (2001)
  • Winning "The Best Group Singer" 2nd, Vietnam (2002)
  • Winning Award of "Top Ten Hits" ( OH OH OH), Vietnam (2001)
  • Winning Award of "Top Ten Hits" ( OH OH OH 2nd ), Vietnam (2002)
  • Winning Award of "Top Ten Hits" ( KON NAH MAW), Vietnam (2002)
  • Winning Award of "Top Ten Hits" ( TING NONG), Vietnam (2002)
  • Nominee "The Best Group Singer" of Golden Melody Award 2nd, Malaysia (November 2002)
  • Winning Award of "Best Group Singer" of Chinese music award, Malaysia
  • Awards of "Best Youth" from Government of Thailand, Thailand (2004)
  • Award for Fighting Drug Abuse, Thailand (2003, 2004)
  • Award for Fighting Gambling, Thailand (2004)
  • Award for Participating in Blood Donation, Thailand (2004)
  • Virgin Hitz 40 Award—Kao Mai Ruk, Thailand (2004)
  • No.3 The best group singer-vote on internet, Taiwan (2006)
  • "Volunteer artist", Thailand (2015)


  • Fong Yun - Wind and Cloud (Serial idol drama), Taiwan (2002)
  • The Games (TV Show), Thailand (October 2004)
  • RU JING PA (TV Show) (March 2007)
  • Pu Kong Jao Sa Neh (Comedy); Hwa Hwa Only (2007)


  • "Asia 2000 Music Festival in Thailand", Thailand (May 2000)
  • "GegeMeimei concert" (with Tae), Taiwan (July 2000)
  • "China Dolls concert" at Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore (September 2000)
  • "Celebration of 72 years of the King", Thailand (2000 December)
  • "Count down for 2001 concert", Singapore (2000 December)
  • "Greet Toom Boom Concert" at Indoor Stadium Huamark, Thailand (September 2001)
  • "China Dolls concert", Brunei
  • "China Dolls concert", Vietnam (March 2002)
  • "Pattaya Music Festival 2002", Thailand (March 2002)
  • "China Dolls and Dragon 5" at Genting, Malaysia (March 2002)
  • "To cheer Chinese football", China (May 1, 2002)
  • "Count down for 2003 concert" at Genting, Malaysia (December 2002)
  • "Thailand IP Festival 2002" (Concert against illegal CD), Thailand (2002)
  • "Bangkok Chinatown Festival 2003", Thailand (February 2003)
  • "Pattaya Music Festival 2003", as guest of Gancore Club, Thailand (March 2003)
  • "China Dolls Live Malaysia 2003", Malaysia (May 2003)
  • Guest of "Babb Bird Bird Concert for 22 Rounds", Thailand (July 2003)
  • "J-ASEAN POPs in Bangkok", Thailand (October 2003)
  • "Thailand night" in Osaka, Japan (August 2004)
  • "China Feeling" concert, China (November 2004)
  • "China Dolls Live in Tokyo", Japan (April 2004)
  • "2005 Hula Hula Live in Tokyo" Japan (January 2005)
  • "GMM Grammy Gold 10th Anniversary Concert" Thailand (2006)
  • "Happy New Year" Taiwan, Taiwan(2010)
  • "J20 anniversary concert" Thailand (2013)
  • "Pattaya countdown" Thailand (2013)
  • "The A-SET PUB" Thailand (2013)
  • "Happy facetival party reunion at Impact Arena" - Bangkok Thailand (August 2013)
  • "Dance Fever" Thailand (2013)
  • "All the stars in concert" (Warner Music Taiwan - Sanya China Feb 2014)
  • "T POP Festival 2015" Thailand (2015)
  • "10 Year A Time Showbiz Concert" Thailand (2015)
  • "Power Of Love Concert" Thailand (2015)
  • "Fakeclubthenextgen Anniversary concert" Thailand (2016)
  • "Green Concert 21 dance fever" Thailand (2018)
  • "Cassette Festival" Thailand (2019)

Other works[edit]


  • YOU, Singapore
  • Đất mũi, Vietnam (2002)
  • I-weekly, Singapore
  • Naruhodo the Taiwan, Taiwan and Japan (2002.May)
  • Billboard 23 Nov 2002
  • Her World, Thailand (2004.Sep)
  • Seventeen, Thailand (2004.Oct)
  • "FHM", Singapore (Only Hwahwa China dolls)
  • "ZOO", Thailand (Only Hwahwa China dolls)
  • OK Magazine, Thailand (2007.Feb) Features Hwa Hwa and her dog Hermes only



  • Coca-Cola, Thailand (2001)
  • Hang Ten, Taiwan and East Asia (2001.Jun-Sep)
  • Motorola T191, Thailand and Singapore (2002)

Other appearances[edit]

  • Host of "Miracle Mars" Press conference, Interview with Vic F4, Big S, etc., Thailand (October 20, 2004)
  • Garnier Event, Bangkok Thailand (October 2007)
  • Judges for dance contest, Thailand (2015–present)

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