China Gate Castle Park

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China Gate Castle Park
(Chinese: 中华门城堡公园)
20090613 Nanjing Zhonghua Gate 9584.jpg
LocationNanjing, China
CoordinatesCoordinates: 32°0′52.87″N 118°46′35.35″E / 32.0146861°N 118.7764861°E / 32.0146861; 118.7764861

China Gate Castle Park (Chinese: 中华门城堡公园) is a park in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China. It is located north of the Qinhai River, south of the Nanjing City Wall and near the Changgan Bridge. Entrance to the treelined riverside park is gained through the China Gate.[1]

The City of Nanjing has identified it as one of the top five parks in the city. Others are Mochou Lake Park, Qingliangshan Park, Wuchaomen Park and Xuanwu Lake.[1]


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