China Guodian Corporation

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China Guodian Corporation
State-owned enterprise
Industry Electricity
Founded 2002
Headquarters Beijing, People's Republic of China
Area served
People's Republic of China
Key people
Chairman: Mr. Zhu Yongpeng
Products Electrical power
Revenue RMB 210,631 billions (2011)
Number of employees
Website China Guodian Corporation

China Guodian Corporation (Guodian; Chinese: 国电) is one of the five largest power producers in the People's Republic of China, administrated by SASAC for the State Council of the People's Republic of China. It is engaged in development, investment, construction, operation and management of power plants and power generation for electricity supply in Northern China, Northeast China, Central China, East China. Sichuan and Chongqing, Shandong, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, and Xinjiang, as well as in Burma. Installed capacity of company power plants is exceeding 100,000 MWe.[1]

Listed subsidiaries[edit]

A summary of the corporate structure may be found on page 4 of the document.[2]

Unlisted subsidiaries[edit]

Guodian United Power is responsible for development and manufacture of wind turbines.

They mainly producing onshore wind turbines of size 1500 kW (designed by the German development company aerodyn Energiesysteme). In addition there a new turbines 2MW, 3MW and a 6MW offshore turbine in development

They are at the top wind turbine manufacturers by annual market share (Nomber 8 in 2012).

Old Mutual – Guodian is a joint venture life insurance company.

Insurance business[edit]

China Guodian Corporation is setting up a property insurance company in Beijing to diversify business into other areas, trying to aid its move towards becoming a more comprehensive energy conglomerate.[4] China Guodian will hold the majority stake in the proposed new insurance company, whose registered capital is expected to reach 1 billion yuan ($146 million).

In the first half of 2008, China Guodian invested in a life insurance company. Later in September, the group purchased a 19.6 percent stake in a city commercial bank in Shijiazhuang, capital city of Hebei province, becoming the bank's largest shareholder.

Prior to China Guodian, the State Grid Corp and several other energy groups also expanded their businesses to the financial sector. They have established a number of insurance companies and hold stakes in securities and futures brokerages.

Equity investments[edit]

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