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China Hotel

China Hotel, A Marriott Hotel (simplified Chinese: 中国大酒店; traditional Chinese: 中國大酒店) is a 5-star Marriott Hotel in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.


Guangzhou Lingnan International Enterprise Group Co. Ltd


Marriott International, Inc.


China's first 5-star hotel and the first involving foreign capital, the China Hotel was built in 1979 by the Hong Kong-listed conglomerate Hopewell Holdings Ltd (controlled by Sir Gordon Wu) under a novel contractual agreement that came to be known as Build-Operate-Transfer, a means of building and operating joint ventures with local authorities in China. This arrangement allowed a foreign partner to build a facility at its own expense, operated it for an agreed length of time to generate a return on its investment, then hand it over to a local partner at no cost.

China Hotel became the first hotel managed by Marriott in Mainland China in 1998. China Hotel became China Hotel, A Marriott Hotel.

In 2008, the hotel was fully renovated and offers 850 Guest rooms.

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