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China Law Blog[1] is a daily weblog, or blog, of news, analysis and opinion concerning China that began publishing on January 10, 2006. The blog’s focus is primarily law and business in China, but its topics range from China’s developing legal system to its society, culture and current events. According to Avvo, it is the third most read English language law blog.[2] Blog Rank labels it the fifth most influential law blog.[3]

In January 2011, the blog claimed it had a monthly audience of more than 100,000 unique visitors spread across some 70 countries.[4] It was chosen as one of the top 100 law blogs (blawgs) by the ABA Journal (journal of the American Bar Association) in 2007,[5] 2008,[6] 2009[7] and 2010.[8] It also was voted best China Business/Law Blog in a contest sponsored by Chinalyst[9] and Business Week named it as its blog of the week.[10]

China Law Blog is written by Dan Harris and Steve Dickinson. Harris[11] is a founding member of the Seattle-based international law firm of Harris & Moure.[12] Dickinson[13] is also a member of Harris & Moure. He is based in Qingdao, China. Harris and Dickinson have been quoted in the New York Times,[14] The Christian Science Monitor,[15] Forbes magazine,[16] The Seattle Times,[17] The National Law Journal,[18] The Washington Post,[19] The Washington Times,[20] The International Herald Tribune,[21] Fortune magazine,[22] and the Wall Street Journal.[23] Dickinson also regularly appears on National Public Radio[24] and China Central Television[25] regarding Chinese legal matters and Harris appears on television (CBC, Fox News and CNBC) regarding international law matters.


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