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China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited
Privately owned company
Industry Mobile communication
Founded 1997
Headquarters Hong Kong
Key people
Dr. Fan Yunjun [Chairman] and Sean Lee [Director & Chief Executive Officer]

China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited ("CMHK") is the wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile Limited (HKEx: 941, NYSE: CHL). The Company was incepted in January 1997 and was the first PCS operator to launch the services in Hong Kong.

CMHK’s 4G LTE service covers both LTE FDD and TD-LTE two major standards and launched the world’s first converged commercial LTE network in 2012. The Company provides customers with innovative and comprehensive communications services, including voice, data, IDD and international roaming through 4G LTE, 3GHSPA, GPRS, EDGE and other technologies.

CMHK extends its business in the multimedia value-added services market. In 2012, the Company launched the cross-platform CMHK SOLITON music service and UTV mobile TV service; afterwards launched the Mobius e-book service, innovative and simple mechanism 4G Pro tariff plan, and first in the market data trading platform, 2cm (2nd exchange market) in 2013.

Riding on the strong support of its parent company China Mobile, CMHK has launched a series of cross-border mobile services for customers travelling between Hong Kong, China and around the world. Its ‘1-Card-Multi-Number’ (1CMN), Multi-SIM data sharing, Data Roaming Zone and BlackBerry service plans are especially welcomed by frequent travelers.

To align with parent company new brand launch, the Company launched a new corporate logo and commercial brand “and!” in December 2013. and, not only means “connection and “communication”, but also denotes the notion of pursuing “A New Dream” – the first three letters form the acronym of the new brand slogan. China Mobile Hong Kong will continue to provide innovative and customized services in a hope to build “a new dream” with customers.

The Company has been named as a "Caring Company" since 2002, and a recognized merchant under the "Quality Tourism Service" scheme since 2004.


  • 28-Jun-1994 PEOPLES Telephone Company Limited established in Hong Kong
  • 30-Sep-1996 Awarded PCS license
  • May 2000 First operator in Hong Kong to launch Open Portal WAP Service
  • 25-Feb-2004 Changed Company Name to ‘China Resources Peoples Telephone Company Limited’
  • 1-Apr-2004 Listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, stock code: 00331
  • 31-Aug-2004 Launched EDGE Service
  • 28-Mar-2006 Acquired by China Mobile
  • 10-Apr-2006 Changed company name to China Mobile Peoples Telephone Company Limited
  • 25-Jan-2008 Launched ‘One-Card-Multi-Number’ Service
  • August 2008 In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Company provided service for the equestrian activities in Hong Kong; and also provided English enquiry hotline service to China Mobile
  • 28-Nov-2008 Launched ‘One-Card-Multi-Number’ Service’ upgrade version with pioneering ‘Mobile Number Portability’ feature
  • 5-Dec-2008 Changed company name to China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited
  • December 2008 Brand new renovation with China Mobile's logo, introduction of video display systems and 'Zhou Dao' culture element in all retail outlets
  • 22-Jan-2009 Obtained BWA license at the auction fee of HK494.7 million after 56 bids, bringing a bright future for the Company’s business development
  • 10-Jun-2009 After 27 rounds of bidding in 3 days, the company successfully obtained 3.2MHz of 1800GHz band frequency at the auction fee of HK15.12 million
  • December 2009 ‘Zhou Dao’ culture Promotion
  • 30-Jun-2010 After 18 rounds of bidding in 2 days, the company successfully obtained the mobile TV license at the auction fee of HK$175 million, helping the company to path its way to a more diversified business development
  • 7-Feb-2012 After 6 rounds of bidding, the company won the bid for 2330–2360 MHz TDD band, helping the company to build a converged FDD and TDD network
  • 25-Apr-2012 Official launch of the 4G LTE mobile data services and provided the pioneering Hong Kong-China Cross-border Data Sharing Plan, the newly launched 4G LTE service serves as a new impetus to company business development
  • 12-Jul-2012 Launched the first 4G LTE roaming service
  • 19-Jul-2012 Selected Ericsson and ZTE to build the FDD LTE and TD-LTE Converged Network in Hong Kong
  • 15-Oct-2012 Completion of the 4G LTE network construction project at the first MTR station, Admiralty
  • 19-Oct-2012 Launched CMHK SOLITON music service, offering a high quality and comprehensive multi-platform online music service to customers
  • 10-Dec-2012 Launched the Cross-Network Multi-Platform Mobile TV Service – UTV service, offering a vibrant mobile entertainment platform in the market
  • 18-Dec-2012 Launched the World’s First Commercial TD-LTE / LTE FDD Converged Network, leading Hong Kong and the global telecommunications industry to a new milestone
  • 27 Feb 2013 Joined hands with South Korea’s mobile operator, KT, to launch the World’s First TD-LTE/ FDD LTE Data Roaming Service
  • 28 Aug 2013 Jointly launched 'Mobius e-book service' with Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Limited
  • 26 Sep 2013 Launched a new tariff, 4G Pro, which enables subscribers to upgrade plans according to their specific needs.
  • 19 Dec 2013 Launched New Corporate Brand, plus Commercial Brand “and!”
  • 27 Feb 2014 Announced the completion of the LTE2600 network upgrade project at MTR railway, from Hong Kong station to Kowloon station
  • 29 May 2014 Became the first service provider in Hong Kong to provide 4G data roaming service in Mainland China.
  • 19 Sep 2014 Announced to offer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


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