China National Highway 110

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National Highway 110
Route information
Length 1,100 km (700 mi)
Major junctions
From Beijing
To Yinchuan
Highway system
China National Highways

China National Highway 110 (G110) runs from Beijing to Yinchuan, via Hohhot and Baotou, in Inner Mongolia. It heads northwest from Beijing to Zhangjiakou then heads straight west, and runs to approximately 1,100 kilometres.

In October 2004 and November 2004, it was overwhelmed with traffic diverted from the Jingzhang Expressway, occurring as a result of a massive traffic jam on the expressway. In a related incident in August 2010, a 100-km traffic jam occurred on this route.[1]

Traffic jams[edit]

Slow moving traffic and recurrent traffic jams on Highway 110 between Beijing and Inner Mongolia result from an overload of coal trucks transporting coal from newly opened mines in Inner Mongolia to sea ports on the coast of China.

Route and distance[edit]

Route and distance
City Distance (km)
Beijing 0
Changping District, Beijing 32
Yanqing District, Beijing 75
Huailai, Hebei 131
Xiahuayuan, Hebei 156
Xuanhua, Hebei 183
Zhangjiakou, Hebei 218
Wanquan, Hebei 238
Huai'an County, Hebei 269
Xinghe, Inner Mongolia 335
Jining, Inner Mongolia 410
Huhhot, Inner Mongolia 564
Tumd Zuoqi, Inner Mongolia 616
Tumd Youqi, Inner Mongolia 675
Donghe District, Inner Mongolia 721
Baotou, Inner Mongolia 747
Urad Qianqi, Inner Mongolia 858
Wuyuan, Inner Mongolia 922
Linhe, Inner Mongolia 1010
Dengkou, Inner Mongolia 1077
Wuhai, Inner Mongolia 1164
Hainan District, Inner Mongolia 1191
Huinong District, Ningxia 1216
Shizuishan, Ningxia 1266
Yinchuan, Ningxia 1357

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