China National Highway 202

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National Highway 202
Route information
Length: 1,818 km (1,130 mi)
Major junctions
From: Heihe in Heilongjiang
To: Lushunkou in Liaoning
Highway system

China National Highway 202 (G202) runs from Heihe in Heilongjiang to Lushunkou in Liaoning. It is 1,818 kilometres in length and runs south from Heihe, going via Harbin and Shenyang.

Route and distance[edit]

Route and distance
City Distance (km)
Heihe, Heilongjiang 0
Sunwu, Heilongjiang 112
Bei'an, Heilongjiang 297
Kedong, Heilongjiang 342
Baiquan, Heilongjiang 392
Mingshui, Heilongjiang 432
Qinggang, Heilongjiang 492
Lanxi County, Heilongjiang 543
Harbin, Heilongjiang 622
Yushu, Jilin 751
Jilin City, Jilin 878
Yongji County, Jilin 905
Panshi, Jilin 1021
Meihekou, Jilin 1086
Qingyuan Manchu Autonomous County, Liaoning 1176
Fushun, Liaoning 1303
Shenyang, Liaoning 1362
Dengta, Liaoning 1394
Liaoyang, Liaoning 1423
Anshan, Liaoning 1455
Haicheng, Liaoning 1492
Dashiqiao, Liaoning 1522
Gaizhou, Liaoning 1549
Pulandian, Liaoning 1697
Jinzhou (Dalian), Liaoning 1738
Dalian, Liaoning 1774
Lushunkou, Liaoning 1818

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