China National Highway 204

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National Highway 204
Route information
Length: 1,031 km (641 mi)
Major junctions
From: Yantai in Shandong
To: Shanghai
Highway system

China National Highway 204 (G204) runs from Yantai in Shandong Province to Shanghai. It is 1,031 kilometres in length and runs south from Yantai, going via Shangdong and Jiangsu Province, and ends in Shanghai.

Route and distance[edit]

Route and distance
City Distance (km)
Yantai, Shandong 0
Fushan District, Shandong 13
Qixia, Shandong 69
Laiyang, Shandong 112
Laixi, Shandong 136
Jimo, Shandong 193
Jiaozhou, Shandong 240
Jiaonan, Shandong 287
Donggang District, Shandong 364
Lanshan District, Shandong
Ganyu, Jiangsu 438
Lianyungang, Jiangsu 480
Guanyun, Jiangsu 517
Xiangshui, Jiangsu 552
Binhai County, Jiangsu 587
Funing County, Jiangsu 617
Yancheng, Jiangsu 676
Dongtai, Jiangsu 744
Hai'an County, Jiangsu 789
Rugao, Jiangsu 813
Nantong, Jiangsu 865
Changshu, Jiangsu 926
Taicang, Jiangsu 978
Jiading, Shanghai 998
Shanghai, Shanghai 1031

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