China National Highway 313

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Kokudou 313(China).svg

National Highway 313
Route information
Length: 821 km (510 mi)
Major junctions
From: Anxi (Guazhou)
To: Ruoqiang, Xinjiang
Highway system

China National Highway 313 (G313) was a National Highway from Anxi (Guazhou), Gansu Province to Ruoqiang, Xinjiang. The total length was 821 km.

At present, the section between Guazhou and Dunhuang has become part of Gansu Provincial Highway 314 (S314), the section between Dunhuang and Aksai has become a part of China National Highway 215, the section between Aksai and Annanba Village has become part of Gansu Provincial Highway 313 (S313), and the section between Annanba Village and Ruoqiang has been abandoned. [1]

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