China National Highway 315

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National Highway 315
Route information
Length: 3,063 km (1,903 mi)
Major junctions
From: Xining, Qinghai
To: Kashi, Xinjiang
Highway system

Constructed in 1954, the Qinghai-Xinjiang Highway, also known as the China National Highway 315 (G315) runs west from Xining, Qinghai towards Kashgar, Xinjiang. It is 3,063 kilometres (1,903 mi) in length. In 1994 the departments of communication and transportation in Qinghai and Xinjiang began the process of updating the highway.[1][2] In the west it follows the desert Qaidam Basin south of the traditional silk road and then follows the south side of the Tarim Basin to Kashgar.

Route and distance[edit]

Route and distance
City Distance (km)
Xining, Qinghai 0
Huangyuan, Qinghai 49
Haiyan, Qinghai 88
Gangca, Qinghai 199
Tianjun, Qinghai 315
Ulan, Qinghai 398
Delingha, Qinghai 548
Ruoqiang, Xinjiang 1555
Qiemo, Xinjiang 1926
Minfeng County, Xinjiang 2241
Yutian, Xinjiang 2357
Qira County, Xinjiang 2440
Lop County, Xinjiang 2509
Hotan, Xinjiang 2528
Moyu County, Xinjiang 2554
Pishan County, Xinjiang 2719
Yecheng, Xinjiang 2807
Zepu, Xinjiang 2844
Shache, Xinjiang 2871
Yengisar, Xinjiang 2994
Shule County, Xinjiang 3053
Kashi, Xinjiang 3063

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