China National Highway 322

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"G322" redirects here. For the shunting locomotive, see VSFT G 322.

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National Highway 322
Route information
Length: 1,039 km (646 mi)
Major junctions
From: Hengyang, Hunan
To: Friendship Gate, Guangxi
Highway system

China National Highway 322 (G322) runs from Hengyang, Hunan to Friendship Gate, Guangxi. It is 1039 kilometres in length and runs southwest from Hengyang towards Friendship Gate, which is on the China-Vietnam border.

Route and distance[edit]

Route and distance
City Distance (km)
Hengyang, Hunan 0
Qidong, Hunan 55
Qiyang, Hunan 107
Lingling, Hunan 159
Quanzhou, Guangxi 238
Xing'an, Guangxi 301
Lingchuan, Guangxi 350
Guilin, Guangxi 367
Lingui, Guangxi 378
Yongfu, Guangxi 414
Luzhai, Guangxi 486
Liuzhou, Guangxi 530
Liujiang, Guangxi 541
Binyang, Guangxi 704
Nanning, Guangxi 791
Ningming, Guangxi 979
Pingxiang, Guangxi 1022
Friendship Gate, Guangxi 1039

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