China National Highway 326

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National Highway 326
Route information
Length 1,562 km (971 mi)
Major junctions
From Xiushui, Chongqing
To Hekou, Yunnan
Highway system
China National Highways

China National Highway 326 (G326) runs southwest from Xiushui, Chongqing towards Guizhou Province, and ends in Hekou, Yunnan Province,which borders the northern Vietnamese town of Lào Cai. It is 1,562 kilometres in length.

Route and distance[edit]

On G326 in Lianhuatan Township, Hekou County
Loading a banana truck (Hekou County). Bananas are a major cargo on this part of the highway.
Route and distance
City Distance (km)
Xiushan, Chongqing 0
Yanhe, Guizhou 97
Dejiang, Guizhou 186
Fenggang County, Guizhou 254
Meitan, Guizhou 294
Zunyi, Guizhou 373
Jinsha County, Guizhou 463
Dafang, Guizhou 572
Bijie, Guizhou 622
Hezhang, Guizhou 716
Weining, Guizhou 791
Xuanwei, Yunnan 963
Zhanyi, Yunnan 1053
Qujing, Yunnan 1066
Luliang County, Yunnan 1132
Shilin, Yunnan 1192
Mile County, Yunnan 1248
Kaiyuan, Yunnan 1337
Mengzi County, Yunnan 1394
Hekou, Yunnan 1562

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