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China Railway Corporation
Native name
state-owned enterprise
Industry Rail transport
Rail freight transport
Predecessor Ministry of Railways
  • 19 January 1950 (as ministry)
  • 14 March 2013 (as company)
Headquarters Beijing, China
Area served
Key people
Lu Dongfu (General manager)
Services passenger rail
freight services
other related services
Revenue Decrease CN¥916.258 billion[nb 1] (2015)
Decrease CN¥53.456 billion[nb 2] (2015)
Decrease CN¥(32.355 billion) (2015)
Total assets Increase CN¥6.245870 trillion (2015)
Total equity Increase CN¥2.150725 trillion (2015)
Owner Ministry of Finance of China
Number of employees
2 million approx. (2013)
Divisions Railway operations
Subsidiaries 16 bureaux
5 companies
Footnotes / references
China Railway Corporation
Simplified Chinese 中国铁路总公司
Traditional Chinese 中國鐵路總公司
Literal meaning China Railway General Company

China Railway or CR, full name China Railway Corporation is the national railway operator of the People's Republic of China,[2] under the regulation of the Ministry of Transport and the State Railways Administration. It used to be part of the now defunct Ministry of Railways.

China Railway operates passenger and freight transport via several smaller companies. China Railway previously had its own police force and court system, which was unique among the world's railways.[citation needed]


The original China Railway logo was designed by Chen Yuchang (Chinese: 陈玉昶) (1912-1969), as announced in the People's Daily on 22 January 1950.[3][4]

Bureaus and companies[edit]

There are 16 bureau and 5 companies under China Railway. As of 2008, approximately 2 million people work in China Railway.

Business Bureau or Company Provinces of operation Regions of operation
Passenger Harbin Railway Bureau Northeastern Inner Mongolia(Hulunbuir and part of Xingan League), Heilongjiang Northeast China
Shenyang Railway Bureau Liaoning, Jilin, Southeastern Inner Mongolia(Chifeng, Tongliao and part of Xingan League),
southern Heilongjiang, northeastern Hebei
Beijing Railway Bureau Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin, western Shandong,
northern Henan, eastern Shanxi
North China
Hohhot Railway Bureau Inner Mongolia
Taiyuan Railway Bureau Shanxi
Jinan Railway Bureau Shandong
Shanghai Railway Bureau Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang East China
Nanchang Railway Bureau Jiangxi, Fujian, parts of Hubei and Hunan Southeast China
Guangzhou Railway Group Corp. Guangdong, Hunan, Hainan South China
Nanning Railway Bureau Guangxi, western Guangdong
Wuhan Railway Bureau Hubei, southern Henan Central China
Zhengzhou Railway Bureau Henan, Shanxi
Chengdu Railway Bureau Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, parts of Yunnan and Hubei Southwest China
Kunming Railway Bureau Yunnan, parts of Sichuan and Guizhou
Qinghai-Tibet Railway Group Co., Ltd. Tibet
Qinghai Northwest China
Lanzhou Railway Bureau Gansu, Ningxia, parts of Inner Mongolia
Ürümqi Railway Bureau Xinjiang, parts of Gansu
Xi'an Railway Bureau Shaanxi,northeast Sichuan
Freight China Railway Special Cargo Service Co., Ltd.
China Railway Express Co., Ltd.
China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd.

Second tier subsidiaries[edit]

List of General managers[edit]


  1. ^ Including revenue from "Railway Construction Fund"
  2. ^ EBIT, including revenue from "Railway Construction Fund" but excluding contribution to "Water Conservancy Construction Fund"

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