China Railway Museum

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China Railway Museum
China Railway Museum, Beijing - 20111007.jpg
Established 2002
Location Beijing, PRC
Coordinates 39°59′47″N 116°30′37″E / 39.9963°N 116.5103°E / 39.9963; 116.5103Coordinates: 39°59′47″N 116°30′37″E / 39.9963°N 116.5103°E / 39.9963; 116.5103
Inside the museum
Couches in China Railway Museum.jpg

The China Railway Museum (simplified Chinese: 中国铁道博物馆; traditional Chinese: 中國鐵道博物館; pinyin: Zhōngguó Tiědào Bówùguǎn) is a Chinese museum preserving locomotives built in the People's Republic of China since 1949. The museum offers a total exhibition space of 16500m² and 8 exhibition tracks.

The museum is located in Chaoyang District of Beijing City, some 15 km northeast of downtown Beijing, inside the circular test track that is part of the China National Railway Test Centre. It also has a branch in downtown Beijing, in the former Zhengyangmen East Railway Station near Tian'anmen Square.

Downtown branch[edit]

Zhengyangmen East Railway Station, now a branch of the museum

In 2008, the Beijing Railway Museum (Chinese: 北京铁路博物馆; pinyin: Běijīng Tiělù Bówùguǎn) was opened in 2008 in the former Zhengyangmen East Railway Station of the Jingfeng Railway (Chinese: 京奉铁路正阳门东车站; pinyin: Jīngfèng Tiělù Zhèngyáng Mén Dōng Chēzhàn), just southeast of the Tian'anmen Square. In October 2010, Beijing Railway Museum was renamed to the Zhengyangmen Branch (正阳门馆) of the China Railway Museum.

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