China Youth University of Political Studies

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China Youth University of Political Studies
China Youth University for Political Sciences logo.png
Former names
China Youth College for Political Sciences
Motto 实事求是 朝气蓬勃
(Seek truth from facts and remain vigorous in practice)
Type Public
Established 1948
President Qin Yizhi
Location Beijing, China
Campus Urban

China Youth University of Political Studies (Chinese: 中国青年政治学院; pinyin: Zhōngguó Qīngnián Zhèngzhì Xuéyuàn) is a university in Beijing, established in 1985 by the Communist Youth League of China. Since then the university has been affiliated with the league, and the leader (First Secretary) of the league usually holds the presidency of the university. Mr. Hu Jintao, the CPC General Secretary and President of China, was once the president of this university. The university's 12-hectare (30-acre) campus is located in Xisanhuan Bei Lu (West 3rd Ring Northern Road) in Beijing.


The university grew from the Central School of the Communist Youth League of China (Chinese: 中央团校; pinyin: Zhōngyāng Tuán Xiào) which was founded in 1948.

Colleges and majors[edit]

The university is a major law and politics institute in China doing research on Marxism, Public Administration, Youth Culture and Youth Development, Social Work, Criminal Law, and Journalism. The first youth work department in China was founded in this university in 1985. The university also has the first and largest social work department (now a social work college) in mainland China.

China Youth University of Political Studies focuses on undergraduate education. The university has undergraduate majors such as Economics, Law, Journalism and Mass Communication, Social Work, Sociology, Social Security, Youth Work, Public Administration, Chinese Language and Literature, and Foreign Languages and Literature.

The university also provides post-graduate education in such fields as Marxism, Sociology, Criminal Law, Economic Law, Journalism, and Economics.


In 2013, the CYU library became a branch of the National Library of China.[1]

List of presidents[edit]

The office of the President of the CYUPL is held by the First Secretary of the Communist Youth League.


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