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China national amateur boxing athletes represents China (IOC code: CHN) in regional, continental and world tournaments and matches sanctioned by the amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA).


2004 Athens Olympics[edit]

Six boxers represented China in this edition of the Olympiad. Light Flyweight, Zou Shimming won a bronze medal, making China in the 16th place in a five-way tie in the boxing medal tally.

Entry list[edit]

  • Zou Shiming (Light Flyweight) - Bronze
  • Liu Yuan (Bantamweight)
  • Tongzhou Chen (Lightweight)
  • Hanati Silamu (Welterweight)
  • Ha Dabateer (Middleweight)
  • Lei Yuping Light (Heavyweight)

2008 Summer Olympics[edit]

Asian Games[edit]

2006 Doha Asian Games[edit]

Ten amateur boxers represented China in this edition of the Asiad. With two gold medals and three bronze medals, this country is ranked 2nd in the boxing medal standings.[1]

Entry list[edit]

  • Gu Yu (Bantamweight)
  • Hu Qing (Lightweight) - Gold
  • Li Bin (Heavyweight)
  • Silamu Hanati (Welterweight) - Bronze
  • Xia Wenjie (Light Welterweight)
  • Xie Longwang (Featherweight)
  • Yang Bo (Flyweight) - Bronze
  • Zhang Jianting (Middleweight) - Bronze
  • Zhang Xiaoping (Light Heavyweight)
  • Zou Shiming (Light Flyweight) - Gold

East Asian Games[edit]

2005 Macau East Asian Games[edit]

Entry list[edit]