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CIT400A (or CRH380AJ-0202)

China Railways Comprehensive Inspection Trains, or CITs, are high-speed test trains used on the high-speed rail network of China. The trains are normally owned and operated by China Railway or the China Academy of Railway Sciences (CARS).

CIT trains are highly advanced compared to track test trains used in the Western Hemisphere. They are equipped with special devices to monitor the conditions of the track, the wheel-rail force, a catenary-pantograph communications system, and a signal system. Stock is usually painted with yellow bands and the words "高速综合检测列车" (meaning "High-speed Comprehensive Inspection Train") are usually painted on the side.[1] The designs of most CITs are based on originally commercial designs, like the CIT001 (based on CRH5) and CIT400A (based on CRH380A). However, the CIT380A trainset was converted from a prototype of CRH380A (CRH2-150C). Some re-vamped commercial trains used for testing purposes are not designated as CITs and have standard serial numbers appended with a "J" (e.g. CRH380AJ). This stands for "Jiǎn" (inspection).

List of CIT trains[edit]


CRH5J-0501 at Beijing South.

CRH5J-0501 (original designation, CIT001) is an 8-car trainset based on the CRH5 design, which serves as a 250 km/h test train.

The CIT001 was ordered by the China Academy of Railway Science on 2 April 2007 and was co-designed by CARS and CNR. The official name is Code Zero Comprehensive Inspection Train. The train is painted with yellow and white striped livery and started test runs on 1 July 2007.[2] It came into service on 6 June 2008.


Car Number Function
CIT001-01 Communication signal inspection car
CIT001-02 Conference car
CIT001-03 Catenary inspection car
CIT001-04 Data processing car
CIT001-05 Track inspection car
CIT001-06 Dining/rest car
CIT001-07 Sleeping car
CIT001-00 Signal inspection car


CRH2A-2010 (formerly CRH2-010A) is the first high-speed test train in China and the first CRH2 trainset manufactured by CSR Sifang. The trainset rolled off the production line on 31 July 2006. In March 2007 it was converted to be a 250 km/h test train. The train is equipped with ATP, signal parameter monitoring, wireless field monitoring, pantograph and catenary monitoring, track geometry monitoring, dynamics and acceleration detecting devices and a circuit-monitoring system.[3]


CRH5J-0501 (Original designation, CIT001) is an 8-car trainset based on the CRH5 design. It serves as a 250 km/h test train.


Car Number Function
201001 Communication signal inspection car
201002 Wireless field intensity examination car
201003 Rest car
201004 Track/catenary inspection car
201005 Dining/rest car
201006 Catenary-pantograph system inspection car
201007 Dynamics inspection car
201000 Signal inspection car


CRH2C-2061 (formerly CRH2-061C) is the first 300 km/h high speed trainset manufactured by CSR Sifang. The trainset rolled off the production line on 22 December 22 2007[4] and was named CRH2-300, as the prototype of CRH2C. During a test on 22 April 2008, CRH2-061C reached a top speed of over 370 km/h (230 mph) on Beijing-Tianjin high-speed rail[5] and on 11 December 2009 reached an improved top speed of 394.2 km/h (245 mph) on the Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed railway line.[6] It now serves as a 350  km/h inspection train, equipped with track inspection, catenary examination, and signal inspection devices.


CRH2C-2068 (formerly CRH2-068C) is a 350 km/h inspection train, equipped with track inspection, dynamics performance monitor and pantograph/catenary inspection devices.


CRH2C-2150 (formerly CIT380A) is a 350 km/h high-speed comprehensive inspection train. It is converted from the prototype vehicle CRH380A. The original train, CRH2-150C, was rolled off the production line in April 2010. The eight-car train was modified to a CIT train after a series of tests for the design of CRH380A, and was delivered in November 2010.


Car Number Function
A00001 signal inspection car
A00002 communication test and comprehensive system test car
A00003 Office/rest car
A00004 Office/rest car
A00005 Dining/rest car
A00006 Catenary-pantograph system inspection car
A00007 Dynamics system inspection car
A00000 Signal system/track inspection car


The CRH400A-001 (initially CIT400A) is the first ever 380 km/h CIT train of China, based on the CRH380A design. The 8-car trainset was manufactured by CSR Sifang factory and rolled off the production line on February 22, 2011.[7] The train has a formation of 7M1T, and was designed with a top testing speed of 500 km/h.

Development on the CIT400A started in June 2010. On February 23, 2011, the CRH400A-001 arrived at CARS; after a series of modifications to rectify problems that occurred during testing, the trainset was set to enter service on March 3,[needs update?] performing inspection work on the Jinghu HSR.


CRH380BJ-0301 on Beijing–Kowloon railway
CRH380BJ-A-0504, another inspection train built for low temperature conditions in Northeast China, at the China Academy of Railway Sciences.

The CRH380BJ-0301 (initially CIT400B) is a 380 km/h CIT train, co-manufactured by the CNR Tangshan and CNR Changchun factories.[8] The design is based on CNR's CRH380CL trainset, with a formation of 6M2T, a designed top speed of 500 km/h, and a top operating speed of 400 km/h.


Car Number Function
ZJ10001 Communication signal inspection car
ZJ10002 Catenary and comprehensive system inspection car
ZJ10003 Track dynamics inspection car
ZJ10004 Equipment car
ZJ10005 Equipment car
ZJ10006 Dining/rest car
ZJ10007 Sleeping car
ZJ10008 Signal inspection car


On December 7, 2010, during the 7th World High-speed Rail Conference held in Beijing, an officer from the CSR Group confirmed that China would perform a high-speed test in 2011 in an attempt to break the then current speed record of 574.8 km/h achieved by French trainset V150.[9] This confirmed that CSR was developing the CIT500 (later renamed CRH380AM) trainset.[10]

On December 22, 2011, the train, officially named "Higher Speed Experimental Train",[11] rolled off the production line. It is scheduled to enter testing in the near future.[needs update][12] The train set is composed of 6 motored cars with a power output of 22,800 kW, which results in an extremely high power to weight ratio.[13]


CRH2J-0205 is a modified CRH2E. Converted from CRH2-139E. The train set is painted in an orange livery and is used for inspection work.



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