Chinatown, Darwin

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The Australian city of Darwin was home to a Chinatown when "... 186 Chinese workers arrived in 1874 by ship from Singapore, until World War II."[1] In Darwin, the Chinese faced racial discrimination much more compared to the rest of Australia. Darwin's Chinatown was described as "... an unsightly slum, where cramped unhygenic living conditions endangered public health." These reports were further used "... to order the demolition of several dwellings in Chinatown in 1913."[2]


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12°27′43″S 130°50′33″E / 12.461984°S 130.842620°E / -12.461984; 130.842620Coordinates: 12°27′43″S 130°50′33″E / 12.461984°S 130.842620°E / -12.461984; 130.842620