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Denver Chinatown
Neighborhood of Denver
LoDo/Wazee Street was once Denver's Chinatown
LoDo/Wazee Street was once Denver's Chinatown
Country United States
Area code(s)Area code 303

Chinatown in Denver, Colorado, was a Chinatown on Wazee Street in what is now the "LoDo section of the city...."[1] The first recorded Chinese person was of a man from southern China named "John" dated June 29, 1869, as documented by the Colorado Tribune.[2]

It was also referred to as "Hop Alley" and it was torn apart by riots in the 1880s.[3] A St. Louis newspaper dated November 1, 1880 documented the complete destruction of the neighborhood as "Chinatown Gutted by Murderous Scoundrels".[4]


The Chinatown originally consisted of laborers who were encouraged to move to the area by the Colorado Territorial Legislature.[5] However, by 1880, a riot had virtually destroyed the Chinatown, mainly caused by whites who feared their jobs would be taken by the laborers who moved from California.[6]

An archaeological dig indicated that there were at least three Chinatowns in the city of Denver, with the last being located on Market and Larimer Streets. According to the article, Denver's Chinese population at the time grew to around 3,000 around beginning of the 20th century.[7]


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