Chinatown, New York City

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Chinatown, New York City may refer to the following neighborhoods that are Chinatowns:


  • Chinatown, Manhattan, the city's original Chinatown, and featured in entertainment
    • Mott Street, Manhattan's original and older western portion of Chinatown, a.k.a. Manhattan's Little Hong Kong/Guangdong
  • Little Fuzhou, the city's new Chinatown in Two Bridges, Manhattan


  • Sunset Park, also Brooklyn's Little Fuzhou
  • Bensonhurst, also Brooklyn's Little Hong Kong/Guangdong No. 1
  • Avenue U, also Brooklyn's Little Hong Kong/Guangdong No. 2


  • Flushing, also Mandarin Town or United Regions Of China
  • Elmhurst, also Little Mandarin or Little United Regions Of China
  • Corona, an annex of Elmhurst Chinatown

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