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A Chinatown is a name for an urban region containing a large population of Chinese people or a large number of Chinese businesses within a non-Chinese society.

Chinatown may also refer to:

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  • Chinatown (band), a Francophone pop band form Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Chinatown (band), a heavy metal band from Hampshire, England
  • "Chinatown" (song), a 1971 song by The Move
  • "Chinatown, My Chinatown", a 1910 song recorded by Louis Armstrong, Muggsy Spanier, and many others, and considered a standard of Dixieland music
  • "Chinatown", a song by Destroyer from the 2011 album Kaputt
  • "Chinatown", a song by The Doobie Brothers from the 1977 album Livin' on the Fault Line
  • "Chinatown", a song by The Felice Brothers from the 2014 album Favorite Waitress
  • "Chinatown", a song by Joe Jackson from the 1982 album Night and Day
  • "Chinatown", a song by Jets to Brazil from the 1998 album Orange Rhyming Dictionary
  • "Chinatown", a song by Luna from the 1995 album Penthouse
  • "Chinatown", a song by Mykki Blanco from the 2012 EP Mykki Blanco & the Mutant Angels
  • "Chinatown", a song by The Reivers from the 1991 album Pop Beloved
  • "Chinatown", a song by Thin Lizzy from the 1980 album Chinatown
  • "Chinatown", a song by Toto from the 2015 album Toto XIV
  • "Chinatown", a song by Judie Tzuke from the 1980 album Sportscar
  • "Chinatown", a song by Wild Nothing from the 2010 album Gemini
  • "Chinatown", a song by John Zorn from the 1990 album Naked City
  • "China Town", a song by Van Halen from the 2012 album A Different Kind of Truth


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