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Chinchpokli (Marathi: चिंचपोकळी) is a neighbourhood in South Mumbai. It is also the name of a railway station on the Central line of the Mumbai suburban railway. Older British era spellings: Chinchpugli and Chinchpooghly.[1] The neighbourhood is named after the Marathi words for tamarind (chinch), and betel nut (pofali).[2][3][4]

There is a very old Jewish Cemetery built by Elias David Sassoon in 1878 which lies Parallel to the railway Track. [5]

The Road bridge over the railway track, known as Arthur Bridge was built in 1915. [6]

Kasturba Hospital run by Municipal Corporation is located in Chinchpokli West. [7][8] Opposite to this hospital lies the Mumbai Central Prison, also referred to as Arthur Road Jail. It was built in 1926. [9]


Coordinates: 18°59′N 72°50′E / 18.983°N 72.833°E / 18.983; 72.833