Chindi (novel)

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Author Jack McDevitt
Language English
Series Academy Series - Priscilla "Hutch" Hutchins
Genre Science fiction, Mystery novel
Publisher Ace Books
Publication date
July 2002 (Hardcover edition)
Media type Print (Paperback & Hardback)
Pages 528 pages (October 28, 2003, paperback)
ISBN ISBN 0-441-01102-0 (Paperback)
OCLC 53706568
Preceded by Deepsix
Followed by Omega

Chindi is Nebula Award-nominated[1] 2002 book by Jack McDevitt of starship pilot Priscilla "Hutch" Hutchins series.[2]

Plot overview[edit]

Alien stealth satellites have been discovered orbiting various habitable planets (eventually including Earth) across space. The Contact Society, a group of rich alien enthusiasts, set out in a brand new superluminal, with Hutch as captain, in search of the source of the strange satellites. As they travel they find a species of sapient snakes who destroyed themselves in a nuclear war, a species of avian beings who look beautiful but are really savages, and an alien retreat on an artificial moon. Then Chindi is discovered. A giant asteroid ship, almost 16 km long, it seems to have no reasonable use; but when they enter it, they begin to discover its true purpose.


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