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Coordinates: 41°51′4.06″N 87°38′0.67″W / 41.8511278°N 87.6335194°W / 41.8511278; -87.6335194

Chinese-American Museum of Chicago
Chinatown Museum Foundation
Chicago Chinatown night.jpg
Established 2005
Location Raymond B. & Jean T. Lee Center 238 West 23rd Street
Chicago, Illinois 60616
P: (312) 949-1000
Director Tina Chu
President Soo Lon Moy
Owner Chinatown Museum Foundation founded in 2002 by Dr. Chuimei Ho, Dr. Kim K Tee, Sam Ma, John S Tan, Dr. Tao Luo & Wai Chee Yuen.
Website Official website

The Chinese-American Museum of Chicago seeks to commemorate and interpret the experiences of Chinese immigrants to the American midwest.[1] The museum opened in 2005 in Chicago's Chinatown neighborhood.[2][3] Although it suffered a damaging fire in 2008, it reopened its renovated quarters, the Raymond B. & Jean T. Lee Center, in 2010.[4]

Its exhibits have included: "The Attic," (the saved treasures of local resident); Chicago Chinatown themed artwork by students of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Chinese games and play; explorations and displays of traditional festivals; and historical period studies of Chinese-American Immigrants, their experiences and communities.[5] In addition to exhibits, lectures on Chinese-American topics of interest are hosted by the museum, such as American inventions of "Chinese" cooking.[6]

The museum is a private, non-profit organization, open to the public. It is a member organization of the Chicago Cultural Alliance.

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