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China National School of Administration
China National School of Administration.jpg
Main building of the China National School of Administration
39°57′33.67″N 116°18′6.35″E / 39.9593528°N 116.3017639°E / 39.9593528; 116.3017639Coordinates: 39°57′33.67″N 116°18′6.35″E / 39.9593528°N 116.3017639°E / 39.9593528; 116.3017639

Chinese Academy of Governance (CAG) is a training institution for middle and senior government officials of the Chinese government, located in Beijing and directly under the leadership of the Chinese State Council. CAG was established in 1994,its former English name is China National School of Administration (CNSA), the name CNSA was changed to the present name Chinese Academy of Governance in 2010.

Under the plan on deepening reform of Party and State Institutions, the CAG was merged to the Central Party School in March 2018.[1]


China National School of Administration (CNSA) began construction in 1988 and officially opened in September 1994. it is a state-of-the-art training center for middle and senior civil servants, senior executives and policy research fellows. It provides policy consultancy to government management and develops theoretical research in the field of public management. It reports directly to the State Council.[citation needed]

Its main responsibilities are: Training provincial (ministerial), directorial (DG) and some division directorial civil servants; training senior civil servants from Hong Kong and Macao governments; training senior executives of foreign countries; Training leaders of key state-owned enterprises;Developing master and doctoral degree education relating to the major disciplines of the School and receiving international students and interns based on the State regulations; Recommending excellent trainees to the central and local governments as well as relevant departments; Studying important issues of civil service training and participating in policy-making of civil service training; Compiling and translating CNSA training materials and related references; Launching research into important government issues and the needs of teaching, and proposing policy advice to the State Council and some relevant ministries and agencies; Cooperating with other relevant ministries to guide the civil service training of local institutes of public administration, including responsibility for some faculty development programs; Promoting exchanges and cooperation with schools and institutes of public administration, civil servant management agencies, relevant international organizations and academic societies throughout the world; Responsible for other tasks given by the State Council.[citation needed]

China National School of Administration operates under the presidential responsibility system, and a leader of the State Council concurrently holds its position of president. The School has one executive vice president (at ministerial level) who is responsible for day-to-day operations and four vice presidents (at vice ministerial level).[citation needed]


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