China League Two

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China League Two
Country  China
Confederation AFC
Founded 1989; 26 years ago (1989) (as level 3)
1956 (as level 2)
Number of teams 26
Level on pyramid 3
Promotion to China League One
Domestic cup(s) Chinese FA Cup
Current champions Jiangxi Liansheng
2015 China League Two

China League Two (Simplified Chinese: 中国足球协会乙级联赛) is the third tier league of the People's Republic of China. The league is under the auspices of the Chinese Football Association. Above the League Two is the premier league - the Chinese Super League and the League One.

There are two groups in League Two, northern and southern. The top four teams from each group enter the promotion play-off after each regular season. Harbin Yiteng and Chongqing F.C. reached promotion play-off final in 2011 and the two clubs were promoted to League One. In 2011, China League Two 3rd-placed team faced 2011 China League One last-placed team for a play-off match. Fujian Smart Hero Leephick which was the 3rd-placed team of 2011 China League Two has won this match against the 2011 China League One last-placed team Guizhou Zhicheng Toro and earned a spot in the 2012 China League One.


Season Winners
1989 Foshan
1990 Jilin
1991 Shandong
1992 Qingdao Economic and Trade
1993 not held
1994 Shenzhen
1995 Shanghai Pudong
1996 Tianjin Vanke and Shenzhen Kings Par
1997 Jiangsu Gige
1998 Guangzhou Baiyunshan
1999 Henan Construction
2000 Sichuan Mianyang
2001 Dalian Saidelong
2002 Harbin Lange
2003 Dalian Sundy
2004 Shanghai The9
2005 Nanchang Bayi Hengyuan
2006 Beijing Institute of Technology
2007 Shanghai East Asia
2008 Shenyang Dongjin
2009 Hunan Billows
2010 Dalian Aerbin
2011 Harbin Yiteng
2012 Guizhou Zhicheng
2013 Qingdao Hainiu
2014 Jiangxi Liansheng

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