Chinese Futsal League

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Chinese Futsal League
Country  China
Confederation AFC
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid 1
International cup(s) AFC Futsal Club Championship
Current champions Shenzhen Nanling
2014-2015 season

The Chinese Futsal League, is the top league for Futsal in China. The winning team obtains the participation right to the AFC Futsal Club Championship.


Seasons Winner
2003-2004 Guangzhou Guowang
2004-2005 Wuhan Dilong
2005-2006 Wuhan Dilong
2006-2007 Wuhan Dilong
2007-2008 Wuhan Dilong
2008-2009 Wuhan Dilong
2009-2010 Wuhan Dilong
2010-2011 Shenzhen Nanling
2011-2012 Shenzhen Nanling
2012-2013 Shenzhen Nanling
2013-2014 Shenzhen Nanling

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