Chinese Islamic Cultural and Educational Foundation

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Chinese Islamic Cultural and Educational Foundation
Founded 1976
Origins Taiwan
Area served
 Republic of China

The Chinese Islamic Cultural and Educational Foundation (CICEF; Chinese: 中國回教教育文化基金會; pinyin: Zhōngguó Huíjiào Jiàoyù Wénhuà Jījīn Huì) is an organization of Chinese Muslims in the Republic of China. It is the first cultural foundation for Islamic education in Taiwan.[1] The association is based in the Taipei Grand Mosque in Taipei.


The foundation was established in 1976 by brothers Chang Zixuan (常子萱) and Chang Zichun (常子春) with a donation of NT$3 million. The foundation was registered in 1982.


The foundation has been doing several activities such as propagating and preaching Islamic culture and doctrine, providing scholarships for the needy students, sponsoring the translation of Islamic scriptures and promoting communication and cooperation among Muslims around the world.

They also present awards to people who contribute to Islamic affairs, whose written works promote Islamic scholarship, have made significant contribution in national, religious and social work or who serve as Islamic youth model.


Composition of the foundation is:

  • Board of directors
  • Board chairman
  • Executive board
  • Executive secretary
  • Office for international culture and education
  • Office of academic
  • Office of youth activity
  • Office for library
  • Office of finance
  • Consultant

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